Federal Legislation

As I write this, we see the US House of Representative has managed to continue being stupid and to raise their performance to complete idiocy. We have a Federal Government Shutdown. I will have more to say about this in the future.

Open turns vs Flip turns - A Question

The standard approach for swim swimmers doing and freestyle swim is to always do flip turns.  For kids, I think that is well understood and evidence supports working to improve the flip turns and making them as efficient and as strong as possible.

I know that as we age our flexibility and lung capacity changes.  As swimmers we postpone this effect many years compared to non swimmers.  We do age and we do slow down and we do lose lung capacity.  So my question is do we reach an age where for long events it would be faster to gain the extra oxygen with an open turn?  Is the flip turn an advantage, with the associated loss of oxygen but faster turn?  All this assumes the open turn is well executed.

Can anyone think of a way this could be tested with a variety of people and ages?  Anyone suggest an experimental design and I will post it.

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Upcoming swims

The best place to go for new swims in North Carolina is the LMSC Web site.  Complete meet details and entry information can be found at LMSC web location for swim meets

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